Administration of MEBO GIC in daily life

In daily life, MEBO GIC can prevent and repair all mucosa damage in digestive tract.

1. Protect mucous membrane of oral cavity: The mucous membrane of oral cavity is the
starting point of digestive tract. The glandular organ in the oral cavity can secrete saliva,
saliva prolease and so on which can help to digest the food. While secreting those
substances, it will stimulate the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. The other factors, such
as submucosal vasospasm and vitamin deficiency will cause the ulcer of oral cavity, due to
the mucous membrane is in low ability in resisting the damage caused by chewing food and
secreted saliva. Hold GIC at the ulcer position before sleep and the contents of capsule will
stick at the wound after release. The wound will heal on the second day. For those still with
open wound, chew capsule in the daytime, one capsule every hour and hold one before
sleep. Children should chew the capsule in time, holding the capsule in the mouth is

2. Toothache: toothache can be caused by gingivitis and ulcer. The pain will be relieved
immediately after chewing the capsule and will be eliminated in a relatively short time.

3. Dry throat: chew adequate amount of capsule. After the contents of the capsule sticking
at the throat for a period of time, the symptom will be removed.

4. Protect esophagus: when esophagus scald happens, chew 1~3 MEBO GICs immediately
and the symptom will be relieved. 1~3 MEBO GICs are chewed after every 4~6 hours and
the damaged mucosa can be repaired after 3 days, and esophagus disorder can be prevented.

5. For persons with the symptoms of ship sick, car sick, plane sick: when the symptom
occurs, chew 3~5 MEBO GICs immediately. The contents of MEBO GIC will stick on the
gastric mucosa and then the symptom will be relieved.

6. Smearing the content of MEBO GIC to the anus will relieve the pain caused by defaecation.