Basic Concepts and Theories about MEBO

1. What is Potential Regenerative Cells (PRCs) and how do the PRCs occur?

2. What is the concept of “Tissue Organ” in the Science[1] and techniques?

3. What are the differences between Stem Cells, PRCs and Adult Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells ( iPS cells ) claimed by Japanese and American researchers?

4. What are the differences and similarities of embryonic stem cells, somatic cells and adult stem cells?

5. What is the induction of stem cells from somatic cells in the science[1]?

6. What is “life regenerative substances/nutrients” and what are the components contained in it?

7. What is physiological healing?

8. What is tissue and organ regenerative restoration in situ?

9. What is the technique of burnt skin regenerative restoration in situ?

10. What is the mechanism of BRT&MEBT/MEBO technique (BRT&MEBT /MEBO refers to Burns Regenerative Therapy & Moist Exposed Burns Technique/Moist Exposed Burns Ointment)?

11. What method did you use to identify and detect Keratin 19 positive stem cells in the burns wound?

12. How is the fibrous isolation membrane (FIM) formed on the deep burns wound?

13. What is the function of the FIM in wound regenerative reparation?

14. What is a physiological moist environment and why can MEBT/MEBO create such an environment?

15. How is the favorable micro-environment for skin regeneration created by MEBT/MEBO?

16. How are the necrotic tissues eliminated from the burns wound without secondary injury?

17. The Mechanism of MEBT/MEBO for Relieving the Secondary Damage to the Burn Wound

18. What is agonal tissue in burns wound and how to save it?

19. How is the anti-inflammation effect achieved by BRT&MEBT/MEBO?

20. How is the analgesic effect achieved by BRT&MEBT/MEBO?

21. Is MEBO a kind of anti-biotic? If not, how can it prevent and control infection?

22. What’s the mechanism of MEBO in promoting the physiological healing of deep II degree burns without scar formation?

23. What is the mechanism of MEBT/MEBO to reduce and prevent scar formation?

24. What is the statistic data of MEBT/MEBO application status in China and abroad?