Burn Cases



Extensive Burn:   (Treating burns victims with burns area over 50% BSA is considered to have no economic value in western contries ?)

In the past, only surgical excision and skin grafting were the standard of care and offered great benefit to those whose lives were threatened. 

Today, however, with the invention of BRT with MEBT/MEBO a major method for burns treatment is available.

Remarkably, rigorous sterile conditions are not required if burns regenerative medicine and therapy (MEBT/MEBO) is used in the care of extensive burns patients. 

Basic equipment and general surgical conditions typically suffice. 

However, ambient room temperature of 32-36 °C and careful, well-trained, intelligent nursing care are required so that removing liquefied product in a timely manner is accomplished. 

In general, surgical principles of Systemic comprehensive treatmentshould be followed.


Here were some extensive brun treatment with MEBT/MEBO, Healed and health!


1. 13% TBSA, II Degree, Burn Treatment with MEBO, patient life health and wound healing excellent
6 year yound girl, with MEBO, happy, smile, and wound healing excellent

2. TBSA 100%, deep second-degree 6%, third-degree 94% 

3. A 2.5-year-old baby patient, TBSA 70%
Extensive burns cases with Most Wounds of Superficial Partial-Thickness

4. 21-year-old man, TBSA 98%
6~7 days for superficial second degree burns and 25~26 days for deep second degree burns, Excellent, no scars or dysfunction. The patient now is married, lives and works as a normal person.

5. A 28-year-old patient. TBSA 82%
Gas flames, Superficial second degree burn 37%, deep second degree burn 40%, superficial third degree burn 5%, No scars and no dysfunction

6. TBSA 94%
25-30 days for deep second degree burns and about 40 days for third degree burns. Excellent Healed.

7. TBSA 93%
7-10 days for superficial second degree burns and 45 days for deep burns, Excellent, the patient has a normal life now.

8. TBSA 90%
7-10 days for superficial burns and 40 days for deep burns. No scars, completely regenerating and repairing of whole wound surfaces.