Burn Regenerative Medicine and Therapy gain Serveral Breakthrough and Benefit for Burn Patients

In 'Burns Regenerative Medicine and Therapy (BRT)' , the process of how to change the residual viable tissue cells on the burn wound to initial stem cells and then these stem cells proliferate and differentiate to skin organs in situ are described in detail. 

And also the effect of skin organ regeneration in situ in heating deep burn wounds is revealed. 

BRT has gained several breakthroughs in treating burn wounds: 

1. Taking the advantages of the relevant biochemical principles, BRT with MEBT/MEBO can spontaneously remove the necrotic tissue through liquefaction and drainage without causing further injury to the surrounding surviving tissue. 

2. BRT with MEBT/MEBO takes advantage of the frame structure of the nutritive base of the drug and the principle of biochemistry there with successfully preserving the surviving tissue. 

3. BRT with MEBT/MEBO demonstrates that the dream of skin regeneration has come true. 

This achievement greatly decreased the disablement rate, and increased the survival rate of large-area burns by 50-80%. 

4. BRT with MEBT/MEBO resolves the problem of pain in second-degree burns patients

5. BRT with MEBT/MEBO opens up a new approach to the prevention and treatment of infection.

6. BRT with MEBT/MEBO allows one to create a new antishock scheme. Antishock measures mainly aim at protecting and strengthening the cardiac and renal function. 

7. BRT with MEBT/MEBO relieves the economic and mental load of the burns victims.

In the US, it typically costs a burns patient USD 150,000 to be treated in the hospital and this does not include the expense of subsequent plastic surgery (the cost is about USD 1,000,000 for treating large area burn patient). 

However, the cost of large area burn patient treated with MEBT/MEBO is lower than RMB 100,000. And the patients recover to become healthy and normal people.