Burn Treatment with MEBO

Herein to follow are the main points of the two categories of the burn therapies.

1. Surgical Excision and Skin Grafting Therapy should not be considered a major method of burns treatment
2. Burns Regenerative Medicine and Therapy with MEBT/MEBO (no pain, no scar, no secondary damage to burn wound, low cost, etc)

BRT with MEBT/MEBO demonstrates that the dream of skin regeneration has come true. For about a century, scientists made Cost-Effectiveness of Moist Exposed Burn Therapy great efforts to achieve the regeneration of injured skin.

In the early 20th century, doctors discovered that the subcutaneous tissues survive after full thickness third-degree burns and may be capable of regeneration. However, they did not find an adequate measure to achieve this survival and therefore they pursued research on in vitro skin cell culture and transplantation of the cultured autograft.

By utilizing the regeneration gene for skin information in the subcutaneous tissue, in concert with the creation of a favorable nurturing environment (one favorable to physiological regeneration of the skin), BRT with MEBT/MEBO successfully achieves the skin regeneration within large areas of deep burns wounds.

BRT with MEBO/MEBT greatly decreased the disablement rate, and increased the survival rate of large-area burns by 50–80% (compared with the data published in 1997 and 1994).

MEBO Faqs:

1. Basic Concepts and Theories about MEBO
2. Systemic Treatment of Burns
3. Standard Management of Local Burns Wound
4. Multidisciplinary applicaiton in clinic (wound, ulcer, etc)
5. Ward Mangaement and Clinical Nursing
6. Scar Prevention for Burn wound healed
7. MEBO Prodcuts Knowledge

Home Use MEBO Quick Guide   (Clinical Classification of Burns Severity in China)

Quick Guide for Clinical Application of MEBO
1. First Aid at home (especially in the kitchen)
2. Child burn and how to do First Aid
3. Small Burns Wounds

Clinical "Three Degree Six Division" Burn Treatment:

1. First Degree Burn  
2. Second Degree Burns: (Second-degree burn is often painful and sensitive to pin-prick) 3. Third Degree Burns:   (Superficial third degree , Deep third degree)


Burn Regeneration Treatment Studies:


Extensive brun treatment with MEBT/MEBO, Healing and health! 

1. 13% TBSA, II Degree, Burn Treatment with MEBO, patient life health and wound healing excellent
6 year yound girl, with MEBO, happy, smile, and wound healing excellent

2. TBSA 100%, deep second-degree 6%, third-degree 94% 

3. A 2.5-year-old baby patient, TBSA 70%
Extensive burns cases with Most Wounds of Superficial Partial-Thickness

4. 21-year-old man, TBSA 98%
6~7 days for superficial second degree burns and 25~26 days for deep second degree burns, Excellent, no scars or dysfunction. The patient now is married, lives and works as a normal person.

5. A 28-year-old patient. TBSA 82%
Gas flames, Superficial second degree burn 37%, deep second degree burn 40%, superficial third degree burn 5%, No scars and no dysfunction

6. TBSA 94%
25-30 days for deep second degree burns and about 40 days for third degree burns. Excellent Healed.

7. TBSA 93%
7-10 days for superficial second degree burns and 45 days for deep burns, Excellent, the patient has a normal life now.

8. TBSA 90%
7-10 days for superficial burns and 40 days for deep burns. No scars, completely regenerating and repairing of whole wound surfaces.