Chronic Cheilitis Treatment with MEBO

Cheilitis treatment of all kinds: the cheilitis performance a variety of acute cheilitis, chronic cheilitis exfoliative cheilitis, actinic cheilitis, they have their common features: lip swelling, the surface is dry and crustedor oozing and bleeding, itching, pain, long time, was eczema-like change. Suffering from cheilitis patients with severe pain, and affect the appearance, serious to affect their daily lives and work. The traditional treatment is sparse and ineffective.

In the report: Clincal experience with MEBO in treating 76 cases of chronic cheilitis.

Method: 76 cases of this disease were treated with MEBO. The drug was applied locally 4 times a day.

Resulte: all the patients were cured. The wounds healed in 2 weeks to one month according to the severity of the cases.

Conclusion: MEBO is very efficacious in treating chronic chelitis. It helps to keep the lip in moist condition and it has the effects of clearing away heat and toxic materials and preventing infections.


[78] Zhixin Li, Lin Lili. 76 cases of this disease were treated with MEBO [J]. Chinese Journal of Burns Wounds & Surface Ulcers, 2004,4:296 ~ 297.

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