child burn and how to do first aid

Child burn (scald) is common in daily life, which is also the accident worrying young parents and seniors the most. The reason for child burn is animation, restlessness, and inadequate self-possession and reaction ability of children.

Moreover, child is in the stage of growth and development, with all the tissues and organs unsound and poor defensive and resistance power.

Since burn or scald do damage directly to the skin tissue which is underdeveloped with tender and thin epidermis and dermis with rich blood circulation, the child burn is much more serious than adult burn in the same fire disaster with deeper damage to the skin, more obvious inflammation and more wound exudation, thus intenser systemic reaction. Another severe injury in the burn site is respiratory tract injury named inhalation injury in medicine, caused by inhalation of hot air into the respiratory tract during crying for help and its severe stimulation to the respiratory system.

For  the respiratory tract of the child is underdeveloped with its upper tract funnel-shaped, and pharyngeal mucosa is thin with rich blood and lymphatic circulation, once stimulated by  surrounding dry and hot air, it is very likely for the child to suffer asphyxia caused by edema of throat, and also apnea by laryngospasm, which are the direct factors threatening to child’s life.

During the fire rescue, the injured child (mainly those before school age) should be evacuated urgently and rescued first. Examine the condition of the general skin burn and check carefully whether there is inhalation injury on the burned child with burn wound on the face and neck, and incision of trachea and thyrocricoid puncture should be performed for rescue if necessary. (Dial 120 emergency line for urgent cases.) For burn wounds including such types as erythema, blister and eschar, MEBO should be applied before dressing, which can relieve nervous psychological fear of the child, alleviate pain, and reduce symptom effectively to save time for evacuation and hospital shift.


The most important on the fire spot is to keep calm to tranquilize the mood of patient and dependents by the most effective drugs and method.

And MEBT/MEBO is the most suitable method and drugs used in the urgent fire spot.

With the help of rescuers, the burn patients should be evacuated from the fire spot and sent to hospital or other places with medical condition for salvage as soon as possible.