Clinical corroboration of radiation ulcer with MEBO GIC

Name:Ding x Gender:Male Age:59
Administration:4 times a day, 10 pills each time
Check time:14/1/2004 
Recheck time:26/5/2004
Diagnose:Radiation gastric ulcer, erosion pathological change
Recheck result:All wound heal, without scar formation

Case 3 Diagnosed as radiation ulcer before regenerative restoration

Diagnosis:Gastric ulcer with erosion, gastric cancer or post-radiotherapy changes

Radiotherapy-induced gastric erosions and ulcers large cases, taking a variety of  stomach medicines more than 9 months, no significant improvement and healing

Case 3 Re-exam result showing scar-free ulcer healing after regenerative restoration for 3 months


stomache point 3 and 4 did not find gastric body ulcer and erosion damage.

Endoscopic observation: