Clinical Use of MEBO in Wounds Management in U.A.E

Al-Numairy A. International Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and Anesthetic Dermatology 2000; 2(1): 27-33
Wound healing is complex and wound dressings are an integral part of the healing process.  Covered wounds heal more quickly than open wounds. We have used MEBO in an attempt to evaluate its efficacy.  The MEBO was used in plastic surgery for patients with burns, sunburn, pressure sore, diabetic ulcers, skin graft donor site, and all types of surgical and traumatic wounds whereas in aesthetic surgery the indications were for surgery, laser treatment, and chemical peel.  This study showed MEBO is safe, effective, and shortens the time of treatment, as well as reducing the chance of wound infection, resulting in very good overall aesthetic results.
The study showed that use of MEBO showed consistently good results and is a simple, safe, easily available, and cost-effective method of management for open wounds.  The results of this study are presented with respect to the functional and aesthetic improvement of the wound and status of this type of dressing in wound healing.  The present article also gives an insight on the recent and future areas of wound research that may provide better wound treatment modality applicable not only within the scope of plastic reconstructive or aesthetic surgery, but also to all areas of surgery and medicine, including emergency services.