Conversion of Cancer into a Treatable Disease with MEBO Regenerative Substances

By using MEBO regenerative energy sources we could convert cancer the biggest terminal disease into a disease that is preventable and treatable. We are not saying that we have completely conquered cancer.

Conquering cancer can be done at various levels, such as cellular levels, tissue levels, organ levels, and systemically. We have conducted several clinical studies and obtained valuable experiences. We would not say that we have conquered cancer. 

Earlier this year we told the public that it would take us 5 years to conquer cancer, but to do so we need to get support from various parts of the society. 

Currently we are focusing on those terminal cancer patients who have given up medical treatment and at the end-of-life stage. The results we obtained from these patients who have been treated with our regenerative substances indicate that cancer can be controlled. 

Such a control of cancer is different from the control of cancer with chemotherapy. The control by chemotherapy is limited and for the terminal patients they would normally die within 5 years after the treatment. Clinically we have successfully converted cancer from terminal to treatable. At the cellular levels, we have demonstrated that we have successfully conquered cancer, as shown in our lung cancer cell experiments publicized earlier. 

If one does not believe our results, we could allow them to repeat our experiments. When we say that it would take 5 years to validate that we could conquer cancer, this timeline is not randomly picked by us, but factually based. Normally cancer patients would not survive for more than 5 years.

In order to truly conquer cancer, we need to focus on prevention. As we demonstrated in our cellular experiments, none of the normal cells could be transformed into cancer cells in the presence of MEBO regenerative substances. In the clinic we need to have at least 5 years to demonstrate the same effect.

Currently we are unable to conduct clinical studies of a large population. However, in 5 years, we could use the results of our members who are using MEBO regenerative substances to demonstrate that cancer is preventable. In addition, when the terminal cancer patients in our current studies are completely recovered, we can say that terminal cancer is treatable.

What is a terminal disease? 

A terminal disease is one that is untreatable. What we are doing now is to convert such an untreatable disease into a treatable one. 

We have a pancreatic cancer patient in Hong Kong who has been taking our regenerative substances. It has been 9 years and his cancer has never re-occurred. Although we have not been able to completely eliminate the large rumor mass, for some of our patients who have lived with tumors for 5 years, the tumor mass has been decreasing in size.

Source: MEBO