Corneal Burns Treatment with MEBO

Therapy with MEBO to treat thermal corneal burns is more advantageous than traditional therapy, lessen the healing time obviously.

MEBO can higher the post-healing vision and decrease the corneal complications.

The corneal thermal burns can divide into the flame burns and the contact burns, which latter refers to the boiling water, boiling oil, the scalding ashes and so on.

The corneal thermal burns often complied with burns on face and four limbs, while treatment, the corneal thermal burns are often neglected that delay the treatment opportunity and increase the pain for the patient.

Therefore, pay attention to the treatment of corneal thermal burns have extremely significance.

26 cases with 46 eyes of corneal thermal burns in the treatment group applied MEBO locallly, qid, expose without wrapping, and promptly cleaned up when eye secretion increased.

22 cases with 40 eyes of corneal thermal burns applied 0.25% chloromycetin eye drops,1~2 drops every time, qid to q4h,and applied erythromycin eye ointment before sleeping.

The severe corneal thermal burns of the entire group applied 1% atropine eye drops to dilate the pupil, 1 drop every time, qd to qid.

Those who complied with burns on the face and so on, follow the MEBT/MEBO therapy, and, on the base of total injury condition, applied high protein, high energy and high vitamin support, as long as proper antibiotic prophylaxis.


Corneal thermal burns is a very common type of burns, neglect or improper treatment of corneal thermal burns can easily result in corneal permanent scars, such as corneal nebula, keratoleukoma, severely might result in corneal ulceration or perforation, and lead to atretoblepharia, granulation, adherent leucoma or staphyloma that result in permanent vision damage and blindness.

In this article, through observed the treatment of 48 cases with 86 eyes corneal thermal burns, the mild burns were generally completely recovered in 1 to 2 days.

The average healing time of moderate and severe burns in treatment group that applied MEBO are apparently shorter than traditional therapy and have obvious difference between two groups (P<0.05).

Besides, MEBO therapy obviously relieved the subjective feeling and elevated healed vision in certain degree, and alleviated corneal complications.

There are some characteristics in applying MEBO in corneal thermal burns:

Cornea is invascular tissue, 15% of its nutrition comes from limbus blood vessels network, 5% relies on aqueous humor diffusion, 80% acquired from direct exchange with the air.

After corneal burns, limbus blood vessels network was damaged, limited the supplement of nutrition, and affected the repair and regeneration of cornea.

After burned, vasculization causes corneal pannus and leads to long term keratitis. MEBO consists of various nutrients, such as polysaccharide, lipid, protein, etc., and the plenty glucose can supply the insufficient energy of burned corneal lesion, vitamin and organic acid can directly involve the topical nutrition support, maintain respiratory metabolism, protein and enzymes involve in cell growth and differentiation and enhance the corneal epithelium repair.

MEBO can smooth the drainage and substitute the topical metabolic dysfunction that caused by injury. MEBO matrix ingredients can absorb the metabolite of corneal lesion and can carry them to the surface of the ointment, at the same time, the nutrients of MEBO continuous diffuse on the corneal lesion, supply the ingredients that corneal lesion repair need, accelerate the repair of injured cornea and shorten the healing time.

Corneal thermal burns, especially moderate and severe burns, all involved corneal epithelium and Bowman’s membrane, even the stroma. General concepts of these corneal structures will be granulated by connective tissue and formed permanent scars after injured. MEBO consists of vitamin and organic acid that related to the granulation of connective tissue. They can reduce the proliferation of opaque fibers, avoid escharation, and maintain the corneal transparency and visual function.

The cornea is abundant in trigeminal nerve terminals with sensitive sensation. After corneal thermal burns, the corneal algogenic nerve terminals injured or caused blood supply insufficiency or anoxemia that lead to obvious pain and subjective irritation.

MEBO can clear away the heat and can disintoxicate, invigorates the blood to remove extraverted blood, and improve local microcirculation, recovers limbus midterm tissue, alleviates or relieves the pain.

MEBO consists of endolipid of golden cypress that can sterilize and can be antalgesic and directly relieve the pain from the injured eye.

Full Report: Clinical Application of MEBO in Treating Corneal Burn, The Chinese Journal of Burns Wounds and Surface Ulcers 2000, (2): 45-47

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