Description of MEBO and Clincal Pharmacology


Light yellow-brown ointment with sesame oil smell


1. Skin Regeneration

The first therapeutic effect of MEBO on cutaneous wound healing is skin regeneration

MEBO can achieve wound healing without scar formation after deep burns, which will be able to regenerate the new skin on the deep burn wounds and other wounds caused by other etiology like bed soresdiabetes woundsskin ulcers, etc., in which the wounds indeed healed without scar formation. 

The cells expressing skin stem cell cytokeratin-19, which is undetectable in normal tissues by the technique, were observed in the wounds 24-hours after the application of MEBO treatment. 

The number of these cells reached a peak level within 7-14 days, and gradually reduced as the wound healing process concluded.

2. Analgesic Effects

MEBO relieve wound pains by non-anesthesia ways. 

It can increase pain threshold and effectively reduce stimulation of pain. External stimuli could be resisted by protective layer of MEBO formed on injured nerve ending, which may enhance the pain threshold to reduce the pain.

Within 10 seconds of application of MEBO, pain on the wound is eliminated. For some patients it took 2-3 minutes to eliminate the pain. 

MEBO exerts the analgesic effects throughout the whole wound healing process.

3. Prevention and Control of Infection

MEBO has achieved very good anti-infection effects on numerous patients, some of them even with extensive deep burns for the past decade. 

The curate and survival rate of massive burns has been raised from 50% to 91%. 

Through clinical studies and relevant research, MEBO was found to be able to reduce the pathogenic toxicity of bacterial toxin, which validated that MEBO causes transformation of bacteria and reduces production of toxin. 

During the treatment, the number of pathogenic bacteria for living tissues on burn wound surface is in the limit of non-infection.

4. Anti-inflammatory Effects

MEBO can reduce swelling and inflammatory reaction on the wound and promote burn patient’s immunity and wound healing.

The test of Xylene-induced ear edema and the edema of hind paw induced by injection of agar in rats demonstrated that MEBO had reliable  inflammatory effects.


For topical treatment of chemical burns, superficial (first degree) burns and adjunctive treatment for second & third degree burns. 

It is also useful in the treatment of sun burn and other certain wounds of various origin such as bed soresdiabetes wounds, skin ulcers, etc.


For external use. 

Apply onto wounds caused by burns, scalds, chemical burns etc. at a thickness of not more than 1 mm and renew the ointment every 4 to 6 hours.

Before the renewal, the residual ointment and liquefied products should be wiped off. 

Expose the wound when application.


MEBO should be used with special care for patient hypersensitive to sesame oil.


SPECIFICATION: 40g per tube

STORAGE: Store the ointment in a cool place.

PACKAGE: Aluminum-plastic compound tube

SHELF LIFE: 36 months