Diabetes ulcers regenerative healing (picture)


First simply clean the wounds to wipe off the necrotic tissues, avoiding any bleeding of the large blood vessels. Then with the treatment of BRT with MEBT/MEBO, apply the MEBO’s wound ointment or special nutrients medium onto the wounds to achieve the regenerative healing. 

For the minor wounds, MEBO dressing for accelerating the wound healing is just fine.

Diabetic ulcers Case

Female patient, 42 years old, the workers in order to "left foot ulceration for 22 days outside the hospital recommended exacerbations refuse amputation surgery," the chief in January 23, 2005 renewable hospital therapy. 

Admission examination: fasting blood glucose morning 22.67mmol / L, a high degree of swelling in left foot, lateral dorsal to plantar ulceration in the rear of a broad, plantar heel sinus formation, mutual linking, calcaneus exposed muscle fascia necrosis fester, stench.

By the anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic, such as nutritional support for the treatment of primary disease, local treatment of the use of early sinus rinse counterparts incision fenestration, removal of the fascia muscle tissue necrosis, sinus infusion MEBO, the application of MEBO gauze two-way drainage, wound dressings , 2 times daily dressing change. 

2 weeks after the removal of necrotic tissue basic clean later renamed exposure therapy, the dressing was changed 4 times a day, 94 days to heal wound regeneration.

Recovered and were discharged after the restoration of normal physiological function and left foot shape.