MEBO Application in Donor Site Wounds

In cases where external body tissues have been destroyed beyond the body's natural ability to repair effectively and quickly (such as occurs in many physical trauma events and also with severe tissue infections), a doctor/surgeon may elect to use healthy tissues from another part of the body to greatly augment the healing process of damaged tissues. 

Not only does this method speed the healing process of the body, but the donor tissue, having covered the original wound site, greatly helps to reduce the chance of infection at the injured site.  The skin graft donor site is the original location of the borrowed tissue.
However, this process also allows for the possibility of complications at the donor site.

Not only is the healing process at this location quite painful and lengthy, there is a new risk of infection which gradually subsides as the new skin develops. 

Complications at skin graft donor sites are rare, but not as rare as anyone would like. 

Although donor sites in general heal with fewer problems than burns, they should be regarded as wounds that deserve optimal treatment. 

It has been shown that the occluding of wounds leads to better healing than exposure to air.

Therefore, occlusive dressings should also be used for the treatment of donor sites, instead of the still often used materials like tulle gauze which, upon removal, cause destruction of the wound and pain to the patient.

The Moist Exposed Burn Therapy for burn. puts forward the five conditions for ideal treatment of the wound, viz.,