Efficacy of MEBO in the Management of Cutaneous Wounds and Ulcers: A Multi-center Pilot Study

Atiyeh BS, et al. Ann Plast Surg. Lebanon 2002; 48(2):226-267
Although this study is limited by the rather small number of patients and by the lack of a control group for comparison, it is fair to conclude that MEBO application is a valid alternative treatment for local management of chronic ulcers.  Rapid reduction in ulcer size has been observed even after a prolonged stagnant state with other therapeutic treatments.  The maximal increase in the healing index of any given ulcer was observed at 4 weeks after initiation of treatment.  When a healing plateau is reached, additional therapy is indicated.  If, however, surgery is not an option, MEBO application can be continued for prolonged periods of time without leading to the emergence of resistant bacterial strains while maintaining the wound in a relatively clean and socially acceptable condition.  Thus, these patients, who are generally elderly and debilitated, can enjoy a relatively good quality of life.