Electronic Burns Treatment with MEBO

In the treatment of an electric burn, a great breakthrough has been made A three dimentional burn. an electric burn is paticular with its own characteristics in addition to being a burn like other types of burns. 

When an electric burn occurs. it will produce much of half living tissue and cause progressive thrombosis which will affect arteries and veins.

The tissue passed by the electric current will be devitalized and simultaneously, because of the penetration of electricity, the unwounded muscles with their nerves stricken suddenly by electricity will develope continuous convulsions. 

These occurances complicate the wound and thereby inconveniece the management. 

In the past for fear that a patient should die, the early amputation was proposed. 

At the time it was believed that if the early amputation was not performed, the deep tissue was to suppurate which would trigger general infection and the muscles be necrosed causing poisoning. 

MEBT and MEBO used as what they have done in treating other types of burns have been used to treat such electric burn successfully. 

The ointment smeared on an electronic burn will penetrate into the wound, liquify the dead tissue and discharge them timely.

The discharge of the necrotic tissue prevents the living tissue festering or being poisoned, and therefore conserves as much tissue as possible and protects limbs.

On the other hand. as the ointment is possessed of the power of relaxing the smooth muscles, it is able to stop convulsions and to help to restore the local blood circulation.



1. The patient suffered an electronic burn. Wrist and forethigh got severe injuries. Muscles on front wrist are entirely necrotic. Ulnar artery and radial artery are necrotic. Arteria interossea is still alive.

electronic burns treatment mebo

2.After treatment with MEBO for 55 days, necrotic tissues are gradually liquefied and discharged. New born granulation tissues have filled the defect of muscles. Normal skin around wounds extends to coverwounds.

electronic burns treatment mebo