Fissure of Nipple with MEBO

Fissure of nipple often takes place in primipara due to depressed nipples, short nipples, lack of lactation, improper lactation posture.  The skin was impaired and fissure of nipple appeared because of sucking. 

The clinical manifestation is as follows: there are epidermal desquamation, skin rupture at the root of nipples, and ulcers around nipples; the pains are aggravated during lactation; some patients even had suppurative mastitis. 

The curative effects of the past therapies were not satisfying, and these therapies interfered with lactation and aggravated the inadequate drainage of breast milk.

Li XA etc. [20] treated 260 cases of nipple fissure patients with MEBO, and all the patients were cured in 3-12 days.

20. Li X., Zhang H., Li R. etc. Experience In Treating 260 Cases Of Fissure Of Nipple With MEBO [J]. The Chinese Journal of Burns Wounds & Surface Ulcers. 2000, (1): p. 32-33.