Gastritis Cancer

Though we have achieved a lot in medicine, there are still lots of problems that remain uncurable. E. g. , chronic atrophic gastritis.

What is chronic atrophic gastritis? It is a predisposing factor for gastric cancer; the main pathogenesis is that gastric tissue is replaced by intestinal tissue.

The principle of regenerative restoration is to replace the external intestine tissue by gastric tissue, eliminating this intractable disease. Currently there is no effective method to relieve or cure it.

Because there is no effective treatment in science, they are called intractable disease. However,our treatment can handle this disease successfully.

It will only take one year to regeneratively restore the intestinal tissue in stomach into normal gastric tissue. That is to say, this intractable disease can be cured.

We have a lot of such successful cases. Let’ s see this case: a histological picture shows chronic atrophic gastritis 8 months ago. After 8 months, the picture shows the norgastritis is cured ( Fig. 29) .mal state of stomach. Intestinal tissues disappeared which means no intestinal epithelizatlon occurred. Chronic atrophic digestive system. Results indicate that you can treat the digestive diseases with a very good method ( which is quite simtime) .