How does MEBO Dermhealth Cream solve various skin problems?

MEBO Dermhealth Cream Special for eczema contact dermatitis seborrhoic dermatitis neurodermitis 20g

MEBO Dermhealth Cream is a kind of external used medicine for skin, mainly used for treating

eczema, contact dermatitis, seborrhoic dermatitis, neurodermitis, tinea circinata, tinea cruris and
tinea of feet and hands.

The main mechanism of action of this medicine is as follow:

I Scientific basis:
Skin is the largest organ of human body. Large amount of PRCs (See Q3) exist at the fundus germinal layer, which are at the dormancy state normally. These PRCs will be activated when disease occurs at skin. However, the activated cells can transform to skin stem cell only in a competent physiological environment with full-nutritional support so as to repair the damaged skin. The competent physiological environment supplied by MEBO Dermhealth Cream creates favorable condition for activition of PRCs, proliferation and differentiation of stem cell and so as to achieve skin regeneration.

II Scientific formula:
The active ingredients of MEBO Dermhealth Cream are Triamcinolone Acetonide Acetate, Miconazole Nitrate and Neomycin (INN) Sulfate. Miconazole Nitrate contained in this product is a kind of broad-spectrum antifungal, which also has effects on some Gram-positive bacterium. Triamcinolone Acetonide Acetate is a kind of glucocorticoid medicine, which has the effect of antiinflamation, antianaphylaxis and anti-itching. Neomycin Sulfate is a kind of antibiotics medicine, which has effect for kinds of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacterium.

The formula of MEBO Dermhealth Cream composes the three ingredients together to fulfill the
function of eliminating inflammation, anti-fungus and anti-infection; this 3 in 1 formula can help
all the three ingredients work together and the clinical efficacy is satisfactory.

III The matrix:
The externally used ointment medicine for skin disease normally adopts a kind of matrix as the excipient in order to make the active ingredients play pharmacologic action fully.

The matrix of MEBO Dermhealth Cream has the following characteristics:

The strong permeability of MEBO Dermhealth Cream:
The MEBO Dermhealth Cream was mainly composed of harmless small molecular organic component and edible oil, which were formulated according to permeating index of water and oil in skin surface. The base could carry the effective ingredients into pathogenic skin layer, which can prolong the retention time in pathogenic skin region and improve the efficacy.

The function of nutrition and protection:
Our new study shows that the matrix of external used  medicine should not only have the function of carrying effective ingredients, but also nutrition and protection.

This is our new opinion for dermatosis treatment. After the skin of the patients are invaded by microorganisms such as causative agent, true fungus and bacterium, the skin histomorphology changes. Although normal medicine can control inflammation, kill bactirum, the histological damage can’t be repaired soon.

The following conditions will always appear in clinic: the effect is significant at first, then the drug action decreases and it recurs easily and evensequelae forms.

The reason of this is: after drug treatment, the causative agents are removed, but the skin tissues are still in an unhealthy situation, so other causative agents can invade the skin again to cause more serious disease.

So the matrix of MEBO Dermhealth Cream contains plenty of nutrition substance, such as vitamins, polysaccharide and amino acid, etc.

The formula was invented according to the principle of bionics, therefore the MEBO Dermhealth Cream can help skin tissue repair quickly and strengthen the effect, which will be found soon after the patients are treated with it.