Infection of Incisional Wound after Operation with MEBO

Infection of incisional wound after operation refers to the infection of clean wounds or wounds likely to be contaminated. 

Generally, the treatment methods of it include local physical therapy, taking out stitches and drainage, and systemic antibiotics.

Deng FP etc. [27] provided 26 patients with incisional wound infection after operation with MEBO external application, twice a day. Continual B-ultrasound was used monitor the changes in infected wound. All the cases were healed without inflammation diffusion. 

The experience is as follows: if the incision wound turns red or the patients feel pain, MEBO should be used as early as possible, even if the patients is without fever and incision wound is without purulence or fluctuation. 

The major advantages of MEBO is as follows: 

  1. Alleviate the inflammation; 
  2. Control the diffusion of infection; 
  3. Reduce scar formation; 
  4. Accelerate incision healing; 
  5. Relieve pains.


27. Deng F., Luo Y. Treating Infection of Incisional Wound after Operation with MEBO and the Related B-ultrasound Inspection Analysis [J]. The Chinese Journal of Burns Wounds & Surface Ulcers. 2000, (2): p. 51-52.