MEBO in treating male genital organ deep burn wounds

It was found that MEBO treatment could heal the same deep burn wounds in comparative shorter time, gained satisfying results and preferably preserved the functions of genital organs.

After hospitalized, the necrotic epidermis was cleaned immediately, but the patient need not thorough debriedement. Then, 3mm-depth MEBO was applied to the wounds. In the early 12 hours, cleaned and applied ointment once, and after 48 hours, cleaned and applied ointment every six hours. 

As necrotic tissues gradually fell off, neo-developed tissues were shown out, then cleaned and applied drug every four hours. Synchronously, the wounds were protected by two-layer gauze in order to prevent from the contaminations of stool, urine and air. Besides, the ointment on wounds should be timely supplied for its reduction caused by the patients’ activities in their beds.

Male genital organs mainly consist of penis and scrotum. Because the parts are located at concealed positions and have more skin wrinkles, it is not easy to clean and remove necrotic tissues post injured.

It mostly will not gain ideal curative effects if deep burns of male genital organs were treated by traditional Western therapeutic methods. For example, if the wounds are treated by the dry exposed therapy, the thoroughly exposed parts tend to scab, crack and bleed caused by patients’ activities. This must bring suffering to the patients.

Furthermore, the tissues are indolence after scar formation. Following the general therapeutic method, the scars will be removed after two weeks to make the wounds scab again. As a consequence, the wounds must be indolence with seriously scar formation and finally cause dysfunction.

Besides, the deficiently exposed parts will not scab and the necrotic tissues cannot be momentarily removed which often cause infections, even form fistula on skin of scrotum. 

Another example, epidermization is inconvenient to be operated. 

Moreover, after the operation, the survival rate of skin graft usually is low and serious scars are easy to be formed. 

However, MEBO can promote the liquefaction and discharging of the necrotic tissues to guarantee unobstructeddrainage of the wounds, so the wounds can be kept in a moist environment suitable for regeneration to ensure healing in the shortest time [1]. 

In this group, except one still was in the process of wound healing, the healing time of other five cases on average was 35.8 ±6.5 days.

Additionally, the patients of extensive burn wounds, different from the ones of simple perineum burns, undergo bad systemic conditions, serious infections and indolence of the wounds. 

All of these heavily restrain the healing of the deep burns on male external genitalia. 

Nevertheless, the application of MEBO on the earlier stage post injured can heal the burns as soon as possible and preserve the functions of genital organs, especially male sexual function that are always ignored in the early treatment for extensive burn wounds. 

Therefore, it is considered that the application of MEBO in the early therapeutic period can achieve comparatively ideal curative effects in treating the extensive burns complicated with deep burns of male genital organs.

MEBO is a good remedy for treating male genital organ deep burn wounds.

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Experience with MEBO in treating male genital organ deep burn wounds