MEBO relieve Sharp Burn Pain Relieve in 5-10 mins

Sharp pain of burn is derived from the exposure of injured nerve ending in remaining viable tissue to external stimuli; and tractive pain is by convulsive contraction of arrectores pilorum of fine hair.

And there are mainly three pathological changes after burn:

  1. the injured nerve ending in remaining viable tissue is exposed,
  2. the spasm of arrectores pilorum of fine hair occurs,
  3. and the subcutaneous blood capillary stasis and angiemphraxia occur.


mebo burn skin


MEBO can relieve the pain caused by the previously mentioned pathological changes with the mechanism as follows:

1. MEBO acts with the necrotic tissues of the wound and forms a protective membrane on the vital tissues to protect the exposed nerve endings, then the stimulus of detergent, iatrogenic treatment, harmful gas in the air and temperature change to the nerve endings is avoided.

As a result, there is the enhancement of pain threshold, with pain relieved.

2. conferted lanugo exists on the skin surface. There is a musculi arrectores pilorum at the basilar part of each lanugo. When superficial burns occur, the musculi arrectores polorum is at the state of spasm, ischemia and hypoxia because of the irritation so that the patients feel distention and pain.

The botanic ingredient contained in MEBO has the effect of dilating the smooth muscles to loose the musculi arrectores polorum and relieve pain.

3. the skin and subcutaneous tissue microcirculation after burn is in stasis or blocking state. The blood vessel endothelium damage occurs, so the permeability increases, pachemia and the slow-moving blood flow occur, which will lead to tissue hypoxia and the accumulation of the acidic metabolic products that will cause pain inevitably. The botanic ingredient in MEBO can relieve capillary spasm, improve microcirculation.

The unique frame dose of MEBO can keep the burn wound in a three-dimensionally physiological moist environment, which can maximally reduce the moisture evaporation on the burn wound and relieve pachyemia and stasis of the microcirculation. It’s favorable for the transportation of all kinds of metabolic wastes and reducing their local accumulation. Then pain will be relieved.


All in all, the early application of MEBO to the burn wound in the combination with standard application of MEBT, pain can be relieved generally in 5~10 min, painless treatment throughout the course can be realized, and sufferings of burns patients can be eliminated physiologically and psychologically.