Skin dermatological disorders, skin infection and allergic reactions

MEBO Dermhealth Cream Special for eczema contact dermatitis seborrhoic dermatitis neurodermitis 20g

MEBO Dermhealth Cream from MEBO combines broad-spectrum anti-microorganism agents and is formulated using MEBO's proprietary drug-delivery vehicles.

Compared to conventional topical anti-bacterial or anti-fungal agents,MEBO Dermhealth Cream simultaneously inhibits infection of many different strains or types of bacteria and fungi, while promoting regeneration of skin by providing a physiologically moist local environment.

MEBO Dermhealth Cream has been used conveniently and effectively to treat common dermatological disorders, skin infection and allergic reactions.

In particular, the product was used successfully to treat rescuers who suffered from dermatitis and eczema in the humid weather and under poor sanitary conditions after a strong earthquake struck China's Sichuan province on May 12, 2008.

How does MEBO Dermhealth Cream solve various skin problems?

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