MEBO effective in treating cervical erosion

As is indicated by the result of health screening made in women-centered factories and service industry, cervical erosion sometimes has a incidence rate above 10%, being the frequently occurring common disease among married women.

With common symptoms being abnormal-flavored leucorrhea, waist soreness and hypogastrium
pain, severe case may affect work and normal sexual life. Some patients may suffer pain, colporrhagia or flour sanguinolentus after sexual intercourse.

Since early 1990s, MEBO was applied by us to treat cervical erosion and ulcer of vagina and thousands of cases have been summed with total effective rate being 100% and cure rate being above 95%.

For mild and middle cervical erosion, healing within 2-3 course, 8-10 days as one course.

Method and announcements:

1. Careful examination and diagnosis should be made by specialist of department of gynecology before operation, and scraping examination made if necessary in order to exclude carcinoma cervicis.

Once the canceration is discovered, surgical operation, radiotherapy or chemotherapy should be performed immediately.

2. The regular lithotomy position is taken to be disinfected and cover by gauze.

Vagina is disinfected after dilated with vaginal speculum, and cotton ball with MEBO is put on the erosion position of cervical. The patient is instructed to close two legs together and lie on the back in breech superior position for 30 minutes to make MEBO take full play in the cervical before returning home or having a rest. Ten times is taken as a course of treatment with once per day.

3. For patients treated with laser, MEBO cotton ball is dressed on the wound of cervical erosion

with the former method after laser to improve effect and alleviate scar caused by laser burn.

4. One course of treatment in ten times is needed for healing of slight and moderate cases, and
another course of treatment (20 times totally) for severe cases, most of which can heal by
application in the morning and afternoon respectively for 10 days as a course of treatment.

5. Avoid sexual life during treatment period.

6. Coleitis and ulcer of vagina can also be treated by vagina perfusion with 10-15 grams of MEBO
with backlying in breech superior position for 30 minutes each time and 10 times as a course of
treatment, the effect being notable.