MEBO for Healing Wounds after Mile’s Operation

The incidence rate of rectal canter is increasing so is the amount of patients accepting Mile’s operation. 

The following problems will always occur after operation: 

1. The amount of exudation at the sinuses is large after the drainage tubes at the sacra part are pulled out and the course of healing is long. The workload of doctor in changing wound dressing is comparatively large;

2. Local congestion and dropsy and pain caused by the direct taction and friction between the membrana mucosa and the dressing at the stoma will affect healing of the wound. It brings pain to the sick.

Treatment Method:

In MEBO group, MEBO was applied to the colon enterostomy stoma 2 days after Mile’s operation. MEBO was spread onto the mucous membrane of the enterostomy stoma with a thickness of 2 mm after debriding and disinfecting the wound. The wound dressing was changed 1~3 times a day. Obvious hyperaemia and edema didn’t occur. The drainage tube at the perineal region was pulled out 5~7 days after operation. The sinuses were disinfected after the tubes were pulled out and then 2~3 grams of MEBO was intruded into it. Gauze was used externally to cover the wound and wound dressing was changed 2~3 times a day. 

The healing time of the perineal region was about 4~8 days after the tubes were pulled out and the frequency of using bidet was decreased.


1. MEBO in the treatment group was invented by Beijing GuangMing Chinese Medicine Institute for Burns Wounds and Ulcers. 

It has the ability of 

1) promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis; 
2) promoting the growth of new tissues and retrieving vitality with slough tissues discharged and 
3) anti-infection and pain killing. 

The mechanism of pain killing may be related to: protecting the peripheral nerves and keeping the physiological moist environment at the wound. MEBO is a kind of salve and can moisten and nourish the wound at body temperature. The air and wound can be isolated and the ratio of the wound flora can be adjusted [1]. 

Infection signs such as obvious edema and hyperaemia didn’t occur using MEBO at the colon stoma after Miles operation in the treatment group. 

The healing time of the wounds was shortened to a half and the patients felt comfortable.

2. The liquefied necrotic tissues were drained fluently and automatically in the reaction of MEBO without harm to healthy tissues. Constant concentration of medicine was supplied to the wound and it could prevent the infection of the wound and could shorten the healing time [2]. Twelve cases of perineal region wounds after Mile’s operation were treated with MEBO and the curative effect was fine. MEBO can control the infection very well and promote the drainage and the healing of lesion area. It supplies conditions for tissue reparation and promotes the healing of sinuses.

3. In the control group, the course of disease using traditional change of wound dressing method after Mile’s operation was prolonged and the cost was expensive and the workload of the medical staff was large. However, the average hospital stays were shortened and the cost was decreased and also the workload of the medical staff in MEBO group. We concluded it was a simple method that patients were willing to accept. The pain that the sick suffered was decreased and the course of the disease was shortened. It was worthy of popularization.

MEBO had the following advantages:

1) MEBO could protect the wound and had anti-infection function and spasmolysis and analgesic effect; 

2) MEBO could shorten the healing time of the wound significantly and it was worthy of popularization.

Full Report: 

MEBO for Healing Wounds after Mile’s Operation, The Chinese Journal of Burns, Wounds and Surface Ulcers 1997(4): 59