MEBO for Treating Traumatic Keratitis

Corneal trauma is more often at primary hospital, yet leaves lots sequela after treatment, such as achlys or keratoleukoma, that influent vision. 

Since 1992, the author applied the MEBO to treat patients of traumatic keratitis, lesion heals fast without keratoleukoma, elevated vision and the prognosis is remarkable.


One percent lidocaine surface anesthesia on conjunctiva sac three times with 3 minutes interval for those who had foreign body retained, and lift foreign body by corneal foreign body spade or 6.5# needles, dilate pupil once by 1% atropine. 

Then applied MEBO on conjunctiva sac every 1 to 2 hours, and reduce gradually time of applying the drug when the symptoms relieve. Follow up every other day.



The author once used antibiotics topical or general to treat traumatic keratitis patients, though most recovered through the treatment, yet reached almost 1 moth in longer treatment course, with higher morbidity of complications, such as achly, keratoleukoma, etc., and badly affect the vision. 


Xu’s moist burn ointment extract from edible vegetable oil, bee wax and Chinese medicines, the main ingredients are β-Sitosterol et al. 

Treat by Xu’s moist burn ointment which characters are intoxication, non-irritation, well infinity with the lesion, analgesic, prophylaxis, and can eliminate dystrophy, enhance microcirculation, improve healing without scars. 

It is another ideal therapy to traumatic keratitis.

Full Report: MEBO for Treating Traumatic Keratitis, The Chinese Journal of Burns Wounds and Surface Ulcers1997, (2):45