MEBO Product Knowledge

1. What are the ingredients in MEBO wound ointment and is there any animal ingredient in it (For Vegetarian’s concern)?

2. What are the main ingredients of MEBO and the source of plant and what is the active ingredients of MEBO? is there any explanation about action of the active ingredient of MEBO?

3. What are the main components of MEBO and their action in clinical treatment?

4. What is the patented dosage form of MEBO and what is its property and effect?

5. Explain the key stages of MEBO’s biochemical reaction on the wound

6. Does MEBO have any effect on the pH value of the wound in burns treatment?

7. Why MEBO Ointment use sesame oil but not other oils?

8. Why is MEBO sometimes watery with oil more than the active components and Can such MEBO be used continually?

9. What is the specification of MEBO and is it possible to produce large-dosed package of MEBO?

10. Which type of burns can be treated with MEBO domestically?

11. How does MEBO SCAReducer work to remove scars?

12. How does MEBO Wound and Ulcer Dressing work?

13. How does MEBO Dermhealth Cream solve various skin problems?

14. How does MEBO Anti-itch Cream solve the itching problem?

15. Brochure of MEBO Wound Ointment

16. Brochure of MEBO SCAReducer Cream

17. Brochure of MEBO Wound and Ulcer Dressing

18. Brochure of MEBO Dermhealth Cream

19. Brochure of MEBO Anti-itch Cream