Mechanism of MEBT/MEBO Reduce and Prevent Scar Formation

In normal people, the growth of epithelial cells and fibrocytes is according to the proportion of 1:4 so as to maintain the elasticity and function of skin. 

However, histological staining revealed that in scarred tissues, the proportion of epithelial cells and fibrocytes reaches 1:20, which indicates overhyperplasia of fibrocytes is the reason why scar occurs.

After burns, a great amount of effusion occurred in the wounds, blood circulation was disturbed, local metabolism was upset, negative nitrogen balance occurred and at this time the proliferation of cells was retarded. 

MEBT/MEBO treatment could improve the blood circulation in wounds and nutrition supply. 

Systematic metabolism returned and formed positive nitrogen balance gradually. 

At this time cell proliferation activated. If all kinds of cells in skin proliferate orderly at this time, the growth of fibrocytes would be inhibited and skin repair will be carried out according to the normal proportion of different cells. 

If some kinds of cells could not proliferate or proliferate too slow, fibrocytes would grow very fast in order to fill the gap. This is the defensive measure of the body. 

Excessive fibrocytes would secrete more collagen and cause scars. This is the cytologic reasons for scar formation.



When applying MEBT/MEBO to treat deep burns, it takes several steps to achieve the result of preventing and reducing scar formation in wounds:

1.  Removing necrotic tissues without causing further damageretained the foundation of skin regeneration, which is the skin stem cell in remaining tissues.

2. The physiological moist environment is favorable for the repair and regeneration of tissues according to normal conditions.

3.  By activating PRCs in situ and transforming the skin stem cells in remaining skin accessories, the stem cells in adipose tissues and blood vessels could proliferate into all composite cells in skin organ.

4.  All kinds of cells grow according to a proper proportion, thus the hyperplasia of fibrocytes is inhibited and wounds could heal physiologically without scar formation. 

The secret why normative application of MEBT could achieve skin physiological healing is because the wound is in a physiological moist environment. 

The wound repairing process is the procedure when PRCs repair the wounds in situ according to normal repair programs in the body.

5. For deep wounds and scars already form, MEBO SCAR Ointment could be applied with pressure bandaging so as to inhibit the hyperplasia of fibrocytes, reduce the formation of collagens and intervene the growth of fibrocytes thus reduce the hyperplasia of scars.

6.  After wound healing, the abradability, elasticity and flexibility of new skin still need improvement. MEBO SCAR Ointment could be applied to nourish and protect the skin so that the new skin could go through this transition period and form healthy and normal skin.