Moist Exposed Burn Therapy (MEBT)

Moist Exposed Burn Therapy (MEBT) is a new technique for burn treatment that follows and complies with pathogenesis of burns and the law of life.  This new therapy comprises a complete set of theories and techniques for the local and systemic treatment of burns. 
The profile of this therapy is, by applying MEBO, liquefies and removes necrotic tissues, meanwhile, protects and promotes the regeneration of residual viable skin tissues. 
During the entire treatment period, burn wound is not kept in a dry condition as required in conventional surgical burn therapy, but in a physiologically moist condition which is suitable for wound healing.
Locally, MEBO relieves pain and promotes wound self-healing.  Through introducing bacterial variation, reducing its pathogenicity, and promoting local resistance to infections, MEBO effectively prevents wounds from infections.  By providing a physiologically moist environment and nutrition supply, MEBO promotes tissue regeneration. 
Systemically, daily fluid requirements are reduced due to the reduction of water evaporation from burn wounds. According to the severity of burns, systemic broad-spectrum antibiotics are needed to control infections at the early stage.


1. Division of the Depth of the burn Wound

2. The Principles of Using MEBT for Treating Burn Wound

3. Mechanism of MEBT/MEBO Relieving Pain

4. The Mechanism of MEBT/MEBO for Relieving the Secondary Damage to the Burn Wound

5. The Anti-infection Mechanism of MEBT/MEBO

6. The Mechanism of MEBT/MEBO to Reduce and Prevent Scar Formation


Treatement Protocols and Results of different Burn Wounds

7. Treatment for First-Degree Burns

8. Treatment for Superficial Second-degree Burns

9. Treatment for Deep Second Degree Superficial Type Burns

10. Treatment for Deep Second Degree Deep Type Burns.

11. Treatment for Superficial Third-degree Burns.

12. Treatment for Deep Third-degree Burns

13. Treatment for Burn wound on Bone

14. Treatment for Skull Burns

15. Treatment for Electronic Burns

16. Treatment for Severe Chemical Burns (Phosphor Burn)

17. Treatment for Severe Chemcila Burns (Sulfuric Acid Burn)

18. Local Burn Wound Treatment with MEBO

19. Systemic Comprehensive Treatment with MEBT/MEBO

20. Quick Guide Moist Exposed Burn Treatment (MEBT)

21. The core technique of MEBT is maintaining moist at wounds all along