Multidisciplinary application in clinic with MEBO

1. Can MEBT/MEBO be applied to treat haemorrhoids, anal fissure and perianal abscess?

2. What are the matters needing attention in treating broken finger by regenerative medicine?

3. Can MEBT/MEBO cause osteomyelitis when applied on the denudate bone wound after drilling?

4. Is it necessary to sterilize the abraded wounds treated with MEBO?

5. Whether MEBO is effective in treating skin lesion and how to grasp specific methods?

6. Can MEBO cause infection when applied on sterile operative incision?

7. Can bandaging be adopted to treat bed sores and diabetic ulcers in MEBO treatment and is bandaging suitable for outpatients?

8. Can MEBO be applied to dental ulcer and alimentary canal burns?

9. Can MEBO be applied to treat operative incision of patients with breast cancer after resection and what are the steps for dressing change in clinic?

10. Is MEBO effective in treating cervical erosion?

11. Can MEBO be applied for warts and skin cancer?

12. How to do first-aid and what are the methods in treating oral cavity and esophagus chemical burn?

13. Can MEBO be applied to gravida, nursing mother, infant or children?