No scars or fewer scars left in the surface of deep II burns, wounds and ulcers with MEBO

As is well known in the past, the surfaces of burns, wounds and ulcers were healed with scars. 

This was a final conclusion all over the world, and there was no disagreement for several decades. 

At present, it has been proved in theory and practice by large numbers of cases with burns, wounds and ulcers that were treated with MEBO, that there were no scars or few scars left after the wound was healed. 

skin structure and function

After using MEBO, the scars of third-degree burn wound are thin and soft, and have little influence on their functions. 

The main mechanisms of its curative effects include:

1. The dermal cells in the survival dermis tissues of the wound regenerate and divide faster under the effect of MEBO, fill up the impairment of dermis tissues, so as to restore the wound.

2. The proportion of survival fibrous tissues and epithelial tissues in wound dermis is 4:1, and increases from 4:1 to 20:1 since four days after the injury. There are more than 5 times of normal fibrous tissues, and the epithelial tissues almost stop growing. 

In this condition, if no measures are taken, the fibrous tissues will develop and the wound will be healed in the form of scars. 

In order to solve this problem, MEBO is used. MEBO can adjust the imbalance ratio, control the excessive regeneration of fibrous tissues, stimulate the regeneration and division of epithelial cells, change the restoration mode of dry method, and make the wound healed physiologically with no scars or fewer scars in accordance with the natural regeneration and regeneration laws of skin.

3. MEBO should be applied as soon as possible to treat the stasis tissues in the deep second-degree burn wound (6-12 hours after injury), to make the microcirculation of stasis areas return to normal, turn superficial, and there will be no or fewer scars left after the wounds are healed.

4. In the area of survival cutaneous appendages, such as hair follicles, sweat glands, sebaceous glands, their discharge ducts, and the openings of their broken ends, the smooth muscles of the discharge ducts relax, the openings keep open under the actions of MEBO, so that the regenerating and dividing basal cells in the cutaneous appendages are excreted to the wound, and cover it.

As a result, epidermidalization forms. The form and function of skin will return to normal one year after the wounds are healed. 

However, after the wound and ulcer wounds are healed by MEBO, thin soft scars will be left, because the course of disease is long, the wound granulation is aging, and the scar tissues in the base have formed. 

But there are few keloids, and the wound is small, therefore the functions will not be impaired severely.