Obvious and permanent analgesia effects of MEBO in treating Wounds and Ulcers

1. After the ointment is applied on the wound, it changes from ointment into oil under the action of room temperature and skin temperature. These two layers cover the wound air-tightly, and protect the nerves of pain sense and their damaged broken ends of the naked wound tissues from the stimulation of physical factors, such as ambient air and temperature.

2. This ointment keeps the wound moist without maceration, dryness or scars, reduce the stimulation to wound tissues and nerves of pain sense, and alleviate the pain due to wounds.

3. The ointment infiltrates into the wound tissues, mitigate the spasm of arrectores pilorum, and relieve the pain of wound that can not be oriented.

4. The automatic liquid flow circulation and unobstructed inducing flow of the ointment in the wound tissues, remove the harmful substances and organisms, such as the chemical substances released due to cytoclasis, metabolic products and microorganisms from the wounds, so as to reduce the lasting exquisite invasive damages and pains of the tissues and nerves.

5. After the ointment is applied, the damages and pains due to medical treatment are greatly alleviated.

6. The persistent and refractory pains due to circulatory disturbance, edema, anoxia, and the pains because of microorganisms, are appeased.

It has been observed in clinical practice that MEBO had obvious and lasting analgesia effects on 98.65% of the patients. 

Especially, its curative effects on the wound of children were better.

The analgesia effects on long-time wound of wound and ulcer patients came later. The pains were relieved or disappeared 5~10 minutes after the ointment was applied on the wound of most of the burn patients.