Pharmacologic Action of MEBO

MEBO is a kind of externally used ointment for treating burn wounds. It should be used in combination with standard MEBT.  It's refined through 18 extraction and handling processes.  The advanced technique and manufacturing craft assure the stability, safety and the superordinary effect. 

Under the protection of the patented matrix (beeswax and sesame oil as the main ingredients), the active ingredients of MEBO can preserve for a long time without any addition of preservatives. 

After applied on the burn wound, the low melting point of MEBO can make it form frame structure on the burn wound under the action of skin temperature. 

The pharmaceutical ingredients within the frame can permeate into the wound. 

Four biochemical reactions such as hydrolization, anzymolysis, rancidify, saponification and esterification with the necrotic tissues will take place. 

The liquid formed loses its lipophilic character and is discharged out of the burn wound. 

Meanwhile, the nutritional ingredients contained in MEBO are absorbed by the PRCs in the residual tissues. 

These PRCs transform to stem cells under the physiologically moist environment and then differentiate to all kinds of skin cells to physiologically repair wound and make wound heal without scar formation.

mebo pharmacologic action