Physiological Environment For Burn Regeneration

Creation of an optimum environment for skin regeneration is the primary task in the research of skin regeneration technique. Without such environment, skin regeneration from residual viable cells in situ and stem cells is impossible. 

This is true no matter how advanced the regulation and control techniques of genes are, how sufficient the skin culture medium coincides with the requirements of regeneration, or how rich the supply of blood and oxygen to the wound is.

Therefore, research on physiological moist environments plays a crucial role in the field of wound treatments. 

However, it has been a challenge in life science to create a physiological moist environment for burn wounds. 

Following the pattern of respiratory and metabolic functions of human skin, we innovated a frame structure of dosage form as well as water-soluble and oil-soluble substances similar to those secreted by normal skin itself composing a softened extern-use product substituting as skin functions.

Meanwhile, utilizing the function of organic edible oil for coating and esterifying the particles of necrotic tissues, newly regenerated skin tissues are kept in a physiologically moist environment to repair and regenerate.

physiological environment burn regeneration