Prevent and eliminate constipation with MEBO GIC

To solve the problem of constipation, we need to know the physiological process of defecation and the mechanism of constipation first. Defecation is one of the important physiological metabolisms. After the small intestines absorb the main nutrients of the food, the waste will be discharged to large intestines and it will be fermented by mixing with the bacteria in the large intestines. The new substances and the water will be absorbed by the large intestine. Finally excrement is formed and defecated. 

When the excrement goes through the joint of rectum, the nerve cell at the joint of the rectum will send the signal to the brain (rectum bowl is empty in normal condition), then the brain sends the order of defecation to the muscle dynamic system and the excrement will be discharged outside the human body.

Except the constipation caused by congenital anomalies and solid indigestive food ,the other types of constipation are all caused by the functional disorders of the bowel mucosa, glands , muscle cells and defecation signal cells. As a result, in order to eradicate constipation, we have to start from the researches on the functional intestinal cells. 

If the functional cells recover to normal, the constipation will not exist any more. From the perspective of functional cells, we find that the main factors causing constipation are bowel mucosal lesions, glandular secretion insufficiency, and weakness or thin layer of intestinal muscle, The excrement is retained in the large intestine for a long time and the hypofunction or functional disorders of the signal cells at the joint of descending colon and rectum lead to insufficient defecation signals.

The technique utilizing bioclock diet plan and MEBO GIC will solve the constipation problem through the following ways: 

A. the effect of bioclock diet plan to constipation. The bioclock diet plan ensures the rule of diet and the composition of food, so normally the constipation caused by irregular diet will be relieved or avoided.

B. One of the effects of MEBO GIC is solving the problem of constipation. The clinical experiments prove that the composition of MEBO GIC can remove constipation caused by gastrointestinal function disorder.


1. Normal constipation: obey bioclock diet plan, then constipation will be avoided.

2. For regular discontinuous constipation, take 5 MEBO GICs before sleep for those used to defaecation in the morning and 5 capsules at noon for those used to defaecation at night.

3. For long-term constipation, obey bioclock diet plan, take 5 MEBO GICs together with meal, and take additional 5 capsules before sleep.

4. For refractory constipation, go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.