Prevent and Repair the damage of gastric mucosa caused by alcohol with MEBO GIC

The main effect of MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsule is preventing gastrointestinal mucosa damage and repairing damaged gastrointestinal mucosa. 

Taking 5 MEBO GICs before and during drinking, you will enjoy drinking but the stomach will not be damaged by alcohol.

Taking 5 MEBO GICs after drinking; the damaged gastrointestinal mucosa by alcohol will be repaired in time. 

Vomiting and the other symptoms caused by drinking will be relieved by chewing 5 to 10 MEBO GICs.

MEBO with alcohol, gastrointestine is in heaven

Enjoy the pleasure from drinking with MEBO protection for gastrointestinal organs. It has been thousands of years since the earliest record of pursuit of pleasure from alcohol drinking by the human beings, but till now people are still not very clear about why the alcohol could bring people enjoyment and what kind of damages the alcohol brings to the human body.

Records show that human started drinking wine thousands of years ago. People know that wine can bring happiness but how many people knows that it will harm the health? You do not know. 

In the following part, our science will illustrate the happiness and the bitterness brought by wine.

Wine can bring you to the happy heaven.

Alcohol provides you with extraordinary happiness. No matter liquor, red wine or beer, as long as it contains alcohol, when it reaches brain through blood circulation, it will directly stimulate the pituitary which will secrete a large quantity of beta endorphin which is commonly considered as 'happy hormone'.

This hormone will make the brain cell excited and feel happy and also it will accelerate the metabolism of all the tissues and organs of the human body. It is just like that a circus or spring festival has come to a tranquil village, which brings happiness never experienced before to the human body. The feeling of happiness is like going to heaven. That is the reason why the alcohol culture was formed. 

In the history, most of poems were written by the poets after drinking. Not knowing the harm brought by drinking, people treat drinking as the spiritual ballast of immortal and saint. People have taken the alcohol as a temporary spiritual comfort without being aware of the troubles the alcohol would bring simultaneously.

Troubles caused by alcohol

Alcohol brings people not only the enjoyment, but troubles as well, which are mainly regarded as direct damages to gastrointestinal organs, damages to liver when the amount of alcohol is beyond the detoxifying ability, and the addictive substances.

MEBO GIC has the following three effects proved through animal and human experiments:

1. MEBO helps to prevent the damage of alcohol to gastrointestine. 

The contents of MEBO GIC will stick to the surface of mucosa directly after reaching gastrointestine and last for 4~6 hours, which will isolate the damage of alcohol to mucosa and mucus and therefore protect the mucosa. Meanwhile, it will decrease the amount of alcohol absorbed in
the stomach and increase the gastrointestine digestive function to alcohol. 

The human experiment proves: the alcohol contents in blood of the persons taking MEBO GIC decrease about 14%~20% comparing to that of those without taking MEBO GIC.

2. MEBO helps to decrease the amount of alcohol absorbed in the gastrointestine and alleviate the burden of liver. 

The experimental result shows the alcohol contents in the blood of the person taking MEBO GIC is much lower, which means on one hand the amount of alcohol absorbed in the gastrointestine is less, and on the othe rhand the ability of digesting alcohol is strengthened because of the undamaged mucosa.

3. MEBO helps to repair the damaged mucosa in time. Without the protection of MEBO while drinking, it will bring damages to the gastrointestine, especially those people who drink too much, which will cause the irritable injury in gastrointestine, nausea, vomiting, stomachache and headache. 

If any of these occurs, taking 5 MEBO GICs in time. Dose can be increased until the symptom is relieved. 

In the treatment of severe vomit, administer GIC by chewing. The contents of the capsule have the function of relieving the sickness and after taken to the stomach, they will attach to the surface of mucosa. The damaged gastrointestinal mucosa will be repaired in 24 hours and in three days at most.