prevent Chronic Gastroenteritis and Ulcer with MEBO GIC

The main cause of chronic gastroenteritis is: the decreased gastrointestinal mucosa protection and mental stress. 

So the mucosa can not prevent all invasion and stimulus to the mucosa, which will cause chronic inflammation.  Some will cause proliferative inflammation, atrophic inflammation and cancer.

The cause of ulcer is that the destructive damage of mucosa caused by physical and mental factors and the long-term unhealed injury of mucosa, so the damage develops into ulcer in the end.

In one word, mild injury to the mucosa is the initiating factor of chronic gastroenteritis and ulcer.

Prompt protection and regeneration of the slightly damaged mucosa will prevent gastrointestinal diseases. 


When gastrointestinal aching, acid reflux, nausea, emesis and psychotic abdominal pain occurs, 5 MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsules are administered (1~3 capsules to children). 

One more administration is needed 4 hours later.