Preventing and cure of the re-damage and progressive necrosis of MEBO in treating wounds and ulcers

It has been proved by clinical practice that MEBO can prevent the progressive necrosis and deepening of various wounds. 

For new wound, MEBO should be used as early as possible, in order to prevent the re-damage due to the deepening and dryness of wound and afterheat, and alleviate the re-damage due to the toxic substances in the wound tissues.

These effects are described as follows:

1. Prevent the re-damage on the wound due to dryness:

Dry scarring therapy for burns, wounds and ulcers is a method at the price of destroying the wound furtherly. 

The wounds are directly exposed in the air and air heater. This will aggravate re-damage due to dryness, and accelerate the oxygenation, nitridation and the transformation of industrial waste gas in air. 

Large numbers of oxygen free radicals and other toxic substances are released, and lead to severe re-damage of wound tissues and cells. 

At present, Dry scarring therapy is still used. It violates the law of the natural development of wound, and it is a wrong therapy. It certainly will result in damages, and bring pains to the patients. 

MEBT and MEBO are used to provide a physiologically moist environment in accordance with the law of the natural development of wound, remove the necrotic tissues from superficial to interior in the wound from the wound, reduce the hotbed suitable for the growth and reproduction of bacteria in the wound, promote the regeneration of the cells impending death, make the vital cell regenerate and restore, and accelerate the healing of wound. 

These measures not only prevent the dryness and damage of the wound, but also protect the wound, avoid the progressive necrosis of wound, accelerate the healing, and reduce the disabled.

2. Abate re-damage due to afterheat of wound: 

It has been observed in clinical practice that the higher the damaging heat temperature is, the higher the afterheat temperature is, the longer the duration time is, and the more severe the wounds are. 

It has been confirmed by experimental study that the exudation is most severe 3~4 hours after 60 seconds' burns. During this time, tissue edema is apparent. 

After this time, the symptoms and signs will last for 30 hours, and will turn alleviated gradually. 

Therefore, the afterheat damage in the first few hours after injury should not be negligible. 

If MEBO is applied as early as possible, the afterheat damage can be alleviated, so as to make the microcirculation unobstructed, lower the permeability of capillary vessels, remove the re-damage of wound tissues due to afterheat, and help to the restoration of wound.

3. Alleviate the re-damage due to harmful substances in the wound:

According to the theory, after the human skin and mucous membrane are damaged, there are pathological and physiological changes in cellular morphology and functions in the damaged area.

Moreover, the damaged and dead cells will release large numbers of toxic substances, chemicals and metabolic products such as histamine, 5-HT, polypeptides, catecholamine, prostaglandin, thromboxane, and epinephrine, which do great harm to the wound. The re-damage actions on the capillary vessels and lymphatic vessels are especially severe. 

For example, the H H receptor in histamine (a sort of material) does great damages to the connection parts of the endothelial cells in the capillary wall, resulting in high capillary permeability, decreased effective circulatory volume and swollen tissues. This belongs to internal-source damages.

If these harmful substances cannot be cleared in time, there surely occurs the re-damage inside the wound. 

These phenomena are usually seen in dry therapy, and cannot be got rid of. This problem cannot be solved by the inside adjustment of the human body. For this reason, the re-damage inside the wound tissues certainly will be aggravated, and this is the foregone conclusion of dry therapy.

There are 3 methods to remove the re-damage due to harmful substances when MEBT and MEBO are used.