Principles of Emergent Treatment and Nursing for Systemic Treatment with BRT with MEBT/MEBO

1. Treatment condition: a clean or sterile (which is not absolutely necessary) environment is required. Temperature around the wound surface should be kept at 34–38°C.

2. Early wound care: any feculency and dirt should be cleared away. Do not use any method or topical drug that may cause further injury to the wound or promote tissue hydrolysis.

3. Principle of initial nursing: do not turn the patient over. Alternately lie on one side or alternately change pressure at various body parts.

4. If BRT with MEBT/MEBO treatment is adopted, wound debridement with MEBO and topical application of MEBO should be performed for wound care.

Wound Debridement with MEBO. Cover the wound with MEBO immediately after injury regardless of the presence of dirt or chemicals. Two or three hours later, gently clear away the feculency and dirt together with residual MEBO before the renewal of MEBO. This method is applicable for first-aid treatment as well as wound debridement after hospitalization when daily cleansing is appropriate.

Topical Application of MEBO. Smear MEBO onto the wound at a thickness of 0.5–1 mm immediately after wound cleansing. Gently wipe off liquefied products before renewing MEBO every 4–6 h. Renewing intervals could be increased to every 6–8 h during the wound repair period.