Principles of Using MEBT for Treating Burn Wounds

Moist Exposed burn Ointment (abbreviated as MEBO) is the matching medicine when applying Moist Exposed Burn Therapy (MEBT) under the direction of the regenerative medicine theory. 

The index of this medicine underlines: for patients with systemic symptoms caused by burn wound, the medicine should be used under the direction of the specialty that have mastered MEBT.

In order to let the hospitals and doctors that haven't mastered MEBT and also burn or scalded patients use this medicine correctly and know the application course of MEBT, the standard burn wound treatment method is introduced as follows:


For family use, when flame burn, hot oil hot water scald or skin abrasion occurs, MEBO should be smeared onto the wound immediately, and then pain alleviation, damage decreasing and infection prevention will be achieved. 

The earlier the medicine application, the better is the effect.

Because after burn or scald, the remnant heat accumulated on the wound will cause progressive damage to the skin. 

MEBO applied can remove the remnant heat in time and prevent the progressive damage. 


The detail method of operation should be chosen according to the different depth and area of the burn wound.

1. Treatment of first degree burn scald wound

Smear MEBO directly onto the burn wound with a thickness thinner than 1mm and 2~3 times a day.


2. Treatment of superficial second degree burn scald wound

Smear MEBO directly onto the wound. 

For wounds with water blisters, the water blisters should be cut at the lower position to let the liquid out and the peel should be remained. 

3~5 days after injury, the peel should be removed. 

The thickness of the medicine should be thinner than 1 mm. The medicine should be reapplied every 4~6 hours. 

Before each redressing, the remnant medicine and the exudation should be wiped clean with disinfected gauze or paper towel.

Normally, the wound could heal within 6~7 days. Or apply the medicine directly on the remained peel until the wound heals.

3.   Treatment of deep second degree burn scald wound (including superficial and deep type)

At the early stage, treat the wound as the treatment method of superficial second degree burn scald wound.

Five to six days later, the rotten peel should be removed. The wounds look white because the dermal tissues have already been damaged. Medicine application should be continued with the thickness a little thinner than 1 mm and changed every 4 hours. After medicine application, under the action of the medicine, liquefied matter of the necrotic tissues on the wounds would appear. This kind of phenomenon is normal (Don't mistake it as infection). Pay attention, before each medicine redressing, the remnant medicine on the wound and also the white (or milky yellow) liquefied matter should be softly wiped off using disinfected gauze or paper towel. 

About 6~7 days later, the necrotic tissues are liquefied and drained, and then die previously mentioned method is continued until the wounds heal. 

If the time of therapy is more than 3 weeks and the wounds still don't heal, the wounds are third degree wound and the wounds should be treated using the method of third degree burn scald wound.

4. Treatment  of third  degree  burn  scald  wound  (including superficial type and deep type)

For small area third degree burn scald wound, the necrotic skin should be loosen using ploughing saw blade and then method for heating deep second degree wound should be adopted. 

For relatively large third degree wound, when the patients' vital sign are stable, transfer the patients to the hospitals that have the doctors who have already mastered standard MEBT for treatment.

5.   Treatment of relatively small area and not feasible for exposure.

The wounds could be temporarily bandaged. 

The medicine must be changed every 12 hours. 

Before redressing, the remnant medicine and the metabolisms on the wound should be removed thoroughly.

MEBO should be smeared onto the wounds with a thickness of l~2mm and then bandaged.

6.  During burn scald wound treatment, three non-damage rules should be followed all the way.

First: Non-damage protect the wound at the early stage (avoid using any method that may aggravate or stimulate the wound). 

Second: Non-damage liquefaction and drainage the necrotic tissues. 

Third: Non-damage regeneration and reparation skin (forbid using any medicine that may stimulate or damage the wound).