Application MEBO after Pterygium Surgery

Objective:To find an effective method for treating corneal pterygium..

Method:100 cases of corneal pterygium involving 158 eyes were divided into 2 groups. All the patients were treated with subconjunctival injection of cord blood stem cell after excision of pterygium. 

In treatment group, 50 patients involving 80 eyes were treated within association with bandaging with MEBO),while in control group,50 patients involving 78 eyes were treated in association with bandaging with erythromycin eye ointment.

In both groups, the dressing was changed every 12 hours.R esult;In treatment group,the average wound healing time was significantly shortened( P<O.O1 ),local swelling and pain feeling were lessened( P<O.0 1),cornealas tigmia and nephelium forming rate swere reduced( P<0.05 -0.0 1) and visual acuity recovered much better( P<O.0 1),asc ompared with that in the control group. 

In both groups, the recurrence rate was reduced. 

MEBO in combination with cord blood stem cells is very efficacious in the treatment of patients after excision of corneal pterygium

Full Report: 

The application of MEBO in combination with cord blood stem cells after excision of corneal pterygium