Chemical Burns with Burn Regenerative Medicine and Therapy with MEBT/MEBO

In retrospecting the history of burns. the conventional dry therapy is found to have been powerless not only in treating the devitalized tissue but also in curing a chemical burn. 

In general, alkali burns are more dangerous than acidic burns because the body could not buffer alkali well. This allows for a much longer duration in injury time.

However, MEBT and MEBO have worked a remarkable cure for a chemical burn. 

To treat a chemical burn. it is necessary to repair the devitalized tissue and to handle the influences that cause the burn. 

Managing with these two factors. MEBO was produced with the ability to act on acid and alkaline by "neutralization". By self-consumption it will "neutralize" the chemical materials in the wound and timely discharge the dead tissue by "auto--mobile function". eventually effecting a cure.

chemical burns

chemical burn

The MEBO's property is alkali while it meet acid and it acid while meet alkalil it has complexing action and active draingeng function with all the above functions.

MEBO can eliminate the remaining chemical matter and effectively reduce the absorbtion of toxin.