Skin Cancer Regenerative Healing with MEBT/MEBO

Regeneration and Anti-Cancer

It is generally known that skin cancer not only does not heal but can also metastasize.  

Over the years MEBO has used the regenerative therapy to treat skin cancer and accumulated over 100 cases.  Our success rate is virtually 100%.  Skin cancer itself is a type of skin wound, the treatment of which we have a lot of confidence in. 

To us, the treatment of skin cancer wounds is just “a piece of cake.” 

But the treatment of skin cancer can become quite complicated when you try to follow the anti-cancer theories. 

In our view, just like what we observed in our experiments of cancer cells in vitro, upon absorption of our regenerative substances, cancer cells committed suicide while normal cells continue to grow. 

Squamous carcinoma (SC):
Cut off the cauliflower-like tumor tissues with scalpel deep into the juncture of the subcorium and subcutaneous tissues. Then smear MEBO’s wound ointment onto the wounds with the BRT with MEBT/MEBO treatment.

Adneocarcinoma (AC):
feed the MEBO wound ointment or nutrients medium to the necrotic dead spaces, or use MEBO dressing for accelerating wound healing combined with MEBO wound ointment as drainage

Small-area skin cancer: directly apply MEBO’s wound ointment to the wounds only or dress with MEBO dressing later.

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Source: MEBO