MEBO to Skin Grafted Wound is convenient

Fire burn is a kind of frequent trauma encountered in common life and war. 

All kinds of changes may happen at the burn wound and the systemic system may be affected and even the patients’ life was threatened. The key point in treating fire burn is the proper treatment of the burn wound and the quick healing of the tissues.

10 patients with deep second degree and third degree burns with burned area of 5 to 23% TBSA were treated. Escharotomy was performed on the fifth day after burn and followed by skin grafting. After operation, the wounds were bandaged with sterile dressing for 48 hours. Then the dressing was removed and MEBO was applied 3 to 4 times a day.

The space between flaps healed quickly. The tissue scar reaction was markedly alleviated. The healing period had been shortened by 7 to 10 days as compared with the conventional therapy.

MEBO can promote the local blood stream and lighten the inflammatory reaction and edema of tissues so that it can speed the healing of tissues. The moist environment of skin graft and burn wound is retained after the application of MEBO and the circulation of the burn wound is promoted and it’s favorable for the reparation of burn wound.

A layer of protective membrane forms on the burn wound after the application of MEBO and the pollution to the burn wound is lightened.

The metabolic product in the tissues can drain with the medicine out of the burn wound under the liquefaction function of the medicine. It’s favorable for the growth of granulation tissues and the extention and reparation of the marginal epidermis.

MEBO can control the growth fraction of fibrous tissue and endepidermis.

It can restrain the synthesization of collagenous fibers and promote the reparation of endepidermis. The hair follicle and the endepidermis of the glandular organ on the burn wound grow to the surface gradually so endepidermis will form. The thickness of endepidermis increases until the cuticular tissue forms and this will alleviate the scars formation on the burn wound.

MEBO can relax the arrectores muscle of hair and relieve the spasm of the arrectores muscle of hair. 

The drug layer can restrain the stimulation to the pain nerve ending so as to kill pain.

The method of small skin transplantation is simple and the required condition of the reception is low. The survival rate of skin graft is high and can save auto skin.

The application of MEBO is convenient. MEBO can be spread onto the burn wound directly without special treatment and so it’s easy to be popularized.

Full report:
Application of MEBO to Skin Grafted Wound, The Chinese Journal of Burns, Wounds and Surface Ulcers 1991(2): 33