Skin Organ Can Regeneration and Reparation in Situ

Moist Exposed burn Therapy is in the first batch of popularization plan of a hundred fruits in 10 years issued by China National Ministry of Public Health. 

The inventor of this technique, professor Rongxiang Xu announced the latest technical result that lies in the advancing front of the world, which is stem cell in situ regeneration and reparation the burn wounds. 

This kind of technique has achieved the physiological regeneration and reparation of deep second degree and also superficial third degree burn wounds and brought the treatment of deep degree burn wound into the skin regeneration level.

The meaning of stem cell in situ regeneration is:

  1. Moist Exposed Burn Ointment is smeared onto the burn wound to create a physiologically moist environment
  2. then the Potential Regenerative Cells (PRCs) can be activated in the residual burn wound to turn into stem cells 
  3. and activated, dissociated, proliferated and differentiated in situ to normal skin organ structures to achieve the clinical efficacy of skin organ regeneration.