Solve the problem of gastrointestinal premature aging

For human, even though we firstly see the skin getting old, actually it is the gastrointestinal mucosa which firstly starts to age. What is worse is that GI aging leads to the aging of our whole life. 

The life of the gastrointestinal mucosa is maintained through continuous self renewal which is dependent on gland tissues under mucosa. The renewal of mucosa is fulfilled through the proliferation and differentiation of the stem cells existing in the gland tissues. 

For example, there are about 250 cells in the intestine gland tissues and there are certain stem cells among these cells. When one generation of mucosa tissue cells getting old, these stem cells will produce and form a new generation of mucosa. 

Thus, the life of mucosa can be maintained actively and the absorption of nutrients of human body can be ensured. However, the self-renewal ability will decrease with the increase of age and the long-term damage of mucosa, the number of stem cells are getting fewer and fewer, which will slow down the renewal and the atrophy and further cause advanced aging in the mucosa.

And the aging of mucosa will reduce the digestion and absorption ability, which will lead to primary diseases for other organs. 

The experiments proved that the nutrient composition in MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsule can promote the stem cells and potential regenerative cells inside the gastrointestinal mucosa to in situ regenerate gastrointestinal mucosa, which can then prevent the premature aging of mucosa.

In daily life, the aged gastrointestinal organs is recognized as easily exhausted, listless, adiposity or marasmus and etc. 

Since the absorption and digestion ability have decreased, most mid-aged people find themselves troubled with the symptoms above. 

MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsule can largely retard aging and help people to maintain the absorption and digestion ability of mucosa and recover the functions in aged mucosa.