Special Pharmacologic Actions about MEBO

1.  Spasmolysis and pain relieving:

Protect the exposed and damaged nerve endings of the burn wound, remove the spasm of airector muscles of hair and ease pain.

2. Absorb the residual heat to reduce secondary heat injury: 

The low melting point of ointment can absorb the residual heat on the burn wound and reduce secondary heat injury.

3.  Isolate the burn wound: 

The special frame structure can protect the burn wound to avoid being irritated and re-damaged.

4.  Liquefy the necrotic tissues

The lipophilic character of MEBO can help the reaction of it with the lipoprotein complex in the breakdown products of necrotic tissues and then form liquid exudation to be discharged.

5.  Restrain the reproduction and also invasiveness of bacterium and mycetes: 

The research shows MEBO can make the morphosis and bionomics of bacterium and mycetes commonly seen on the burn wound mutated to affect their reproduction and invasiveness. 

It's a kind of biological bacteriostatic.

6.  Activate skin stem cell in the deep layer of burn wound or in the surrounding survival skin: 

Regenerate all kinds of cells and cell appendages within skin to achieve physiologically reparation the burn wound.

7. Anti-inflammatory action: 

a-sitosterol contained in MEBO has the effect of anti-inflammation.

8.  Save the agonal cells: 

The lipide ingredients and also the frame structure can not only protect the agonal cells but also supply necessary nutritions to promote wound regeneration and reparation.