Standard Management of Local Burns Wound

1. What should be paid attention to during local treatment of burn by MEBT?

2. Why is water or normal saline not recommended to clean wounds during MEBT/MEBO treatment?

3. Are antiseptics or antibiotics needed in MEBT/MEBO dressing change?

4. Are there any other methods to treat wound except exposed method in the application of MEBT/MEBO and which is the favorable one?

5. What is the purpose of eschar incision and attenuation technique for the deep burns wound at the early stage?

6. How many times are required everyday for eschar incision and attenuation technique on the deep burns wound treated with MEBT/MEBO and is anesthesia needed during that practice?

7. Can the infected wound (including infected surgically operative incision ) be treated with MEBT/MEBO and How to change dressing?

8. Is it necessary to retain the wall of blisters on the burns wound after drainage?

9. Why is there obvious pain on the superficial burns wound in early stage and after the removal of the blister wall, or on deep burns wound 7 to 20 days post burns and How to treat?

10. How to treat the thick and hard eschar of deep burns wound in slow liquefaction?

11. Why there are small blisters on the wound with ulcers and itching, even erythra on the peripheral normal skin after the application of MEBO and How to treat it?

12. Is it infection that abundant flavous excretion is observed on the wound and how to discriminate the normal liquefaction from wound infection?

13. Can MEBT/MEBO be applied to transform the dry burns wound or chronic traumatic wound treated originally from the conventional dry therapy and How to transform?

14. Is it allowed to remove the cream-colored protein membrane formed on the wound of superficial II degree burns and deep II degree burns superficial type?

15. How to treat burn correctly at home by clinical manifestation of burn wound?

16. How to perform the method for eschar-type burn (Third Degree Burn)?

17. Is there any infection in treating burn wound with the application of MEBT/MEBO and how to treat it?

18. If other therapy failed or the residual wound can’t heal for a long period of time, can MEBO be applied?

19. How to solve the problem of the loss of burns ointment on some local wound after the turn-over or movement of extensive burns patients?