Substances and Effects of GIC

The main substances include: Vitamin E, linoleic acid, linolic acid, oleic acid, phytosterin, flavone, necessary amino acid, regenerative nutrients and mineral matters.

Dosage effects

The oil medium of the capsule will mix with gastrointestinal mucus once entering into the stomach and forms an effective protective layer on the surface of gastrointestinal mucosa.

This protective layer can last for 4 to 6 hours based on empty stomach and it dissolves neither in acid-base nor alcohol, and it will not be destroyed by the stomach acid or pepsin, which can effectively enhance the protective functions of mucus on the surface of gastrointestinal tract.

The upper left picture is the electronic scanning micrograph of the gastrointestinal mucosa surface. Every stone-like bulge is a mucosal epithelial cell and is covered by mucus. The observable networks adhered to the surface is the mucus nets on the surface of epithelial

The upper right picture is the schematic diagram of the structure of intestinal mucosal villi. The mucosa is formed by the villi (serrate bulges) and every villus can absorb the nutrients independently.

The life control substance is the life control compound with Phytostenol as the bas ematerial. The material acts without any dangerous and ill effect. GIC can activate the stem cells in gastrointestinal mucosa tissue in situ, initiate the self repair procedure. GIC can form the new tissues in situ, replace the affected tissues and maintain the mucosa tissue integrity.

Meanwhile, GIC can provide necessary nutritions to maintain the proliferation state so that the damaged gastrointestinal mucosa can be regeneratively repaired in situ.

Various components of GIC react to intestinal juice after going through the stomach to the intestine and form the micro wax crystals with the mean size of 30x0.7 um. These micro wax crystals are in the shape of flower or fiber, which can adhere to the space among villi so that the villi can be opened wider and the absorption area of the gastrointestinal mucosa is enlarged. Meanwhile, the food giblets are cleaned with the movement of the villi after they are wrapped by these crystals.