Systemic Comprehensive Treatment with MEBT/MEBO

MEBO is a topic drug specialized for treating burns and wounds by regenerating skin in vivo and in situ with residue of the tissues and cells post–burn so as to replace the skin-grafting therapy.  

However, the clinical efficacy of MEBO is very dependent on the protocols and procedures of local wound management and systemic treatment for burn patients.  

The protocols are called Moist Exposed Burn Treatment, say MEBT.  Under the coordination of MEBT systemic protocols, MEBO is to realize the skin regeneration in vivo and in situ

The correct implement level of the application of the technique and medicine determines how much of the pharmaceutical effects of MEBO can be bring into full play.

The basic procedure included in systemic treatment of burns is the same as the systemic support treatment in surgical treatment of burns.  While, their differences allow MEBT to have its special characters and requirements:

MEBT systemic Treatment


1. Anti-shock Therapy

Physiological water needs (5 % GS 2000 ~ 2500 ml)+
                                                       [1(ml/kg)×TBSA % (2nd to 3rd-degree)×body weight (kg)×100%]
Total amount of fluid infusion -------------------------------------------------------------------------
          (ml/day)                                     hourly urine volume (ml) / body weight (kg)×1(ml/kg)



2. Support treatment for every system

3. Anti-infection Therapy

A. Principles of Anti-infection Treatment

B. Profile for treatment

4. Nutritional Support Treatment

The principles of nutritional support treatment in Burns Regenerative Therapy (MEBT/MEBO) are basically the same as the principle of supporting treatment of traumatic surgery. However, the supplementary amounts of total energy and protein for MEBT/MEBO are significantly greater and of longer duration as compared with general traumatic patients. 

The supplementation of protein and energy is better provided through gastrointestinal tract.